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Born and raised in Manila, Cholo earned his BA degree from the University of the Philippines College of Mass Communications and finished his post graduate studies in film at New York University, SCE and the London Academy of Media, Film and TV.


“Doing a movie with Cholo is an intellectual and emotional exercise. I say this in a good way. With Cholo you can always discuss the script, the scenes and tell him exactly what you think about it and he doesn’t get huffy about it. He takes your point of view into account but knows exactly what he wants I like that. He’s fun, takes care of his actors, and most of all, he’s got heart.”

Miss Hilda Koronel

Multi-awarded actress

Luminary of Philippine cinema

“ ...Cholo was a different experience. He did not do the expected – neither the usual shots nor the usual Tagalog reactions...Often he gave us freedom to do our own interpretation of a scene. He was cool all the time, even under stressful conditions! Nasaan ka man was a BAPTISM OF FIRE for him!”

Gloria Diaz Multi-awarded Actress

Luminary of Philippine Cinema

Miss Universe 1969

“Although a first time director (in cinema), Cholo Laurel obviously knows what he is doing. He has a great eye for visuals and is a master at orchestrating the other technical elements of a film…the direction, the performances…somehow bring you back to the golden age of moving pictures – back then when movies were movies.

Butch Francisco on NKM

Philippine Star Columnist/Movie Critic

“Having seen the uncut version, I thought this film was beautifully made… There is not a little scene in this film that does not have a purpose- the cinematography is excellent and the writing brilliant.”

Purplenutcase on NKM

Viewer from the UK

IMDB comments

“…In the hands of new director Cholo Laurel, the triangle angle takes on dimensions and hues that belie the fact that this is his first feature film.”

Philip Cu-Unjieng on NKM

Philippine Star Columnist

“Cholo Laurel is a simple man yet an elaborate and very stylish filmmaker…Iba ang expression niya through his camera shots."

Jericho Rosales

Multi-awarded Actor

“Doing a movie with Cholo Laurel is like preparing a sumptuous meal with a good bottle of wine for everyone to enjoy”

Diether Ocampo

Best supporting actor 2006

“I was afraid I might not live up to the expectations of our director, Cholo Laurel, …But as the shooting went on, he reassured me…I'd really like to work with him again…he's a wonderful person.”

Claudine Baretto

Multi-awarded actress

Cholo Laurel’s direction is remarkable ... Controlled and ingenious… a brilliant movie (nasaan ka man). It is suitable for the viewer who has lost faith in the Filipino movie industry as this picture succeeds in bringing forth something distinct, worthwhile and satisfying. For those still looking for achingly romantic scenes and heartrending lines, this picture deliver so don’t fear.

Julesjewels on NKM

Pinoy Viewer’s review