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Live more, grow more, give more.

For Cholo, self-realization is an unending journey that unravels interestingly. Aspirations become more compelling, challenges get bigger and passions grow stronger, but it is only when one has learned to truly serve others that one finds a deep sense of fulfillment.

This desire to serve led him to seek an advocacy.

In 2008, moved by the lives of his HIV-positive friends, and upon learning that there was no complete source of accessible information on HIV in the Philippines, he created the website POSITIVISM – a social media effort to educate, influence and inspire not only those living with HIV but also the greater uninformed majority ignorant of it.

Together with HOTBOX, Cholo crafted the first and only comprehensive source of relevant facts and entertaining tidbits on HIV in the Philippines – www.positivism.ph, which has now grown to be an educating, yet fun, stylish and engaging online movement of positive thinking and living, for HIV-positives and negatives alike.